Start-ups Activities

No. Name of the Event conducted Place Event Date No. of Participants Brief of Event
1 Startup talk on Technology Startup business plan strategies & execution (University Level) KPGU, Vadodara 28-08-2021 64 During this session, the total 8 innovative projects of team members have been selected and SSIP project grants have been given to conduct their innovative projects. The talk and interaction have been conducted of successful start-ups and entrepreneurs and shared their experience. SSIP (Grant  received- 1,00,000/-)
2 Expert mentoring session and workshop on “start-ups intellectual property protection”(University Level) KPGU, Vadodara 23-09-2021 600 Expert mentoring session and workshop to celebrate “AzadikaAmritMahotsav”. The expert resource persons of the session were Shri KetanNaik, Executive Director of Astral Steri Tech Pvt. Ltd., Vadodara, Adv. Ragini Shah, Eminent Patent Lawyer and Adv. Bhavik Patel Patent and Trademark Attorney, CEO at INFINVENT IP, Vadodara.
3 Start-Up Planning & Execution Steps (University Level) KPGU, Vadodara 29-10-2021 130 It’s the online expert mentoring session. The expert speaker of the session was Dr. S. Vishwanathan, Founder & Managing Director, Innospecs Bioresearch Pvt. Ltd. Tamilnadu, India.
4 Startups: Inspiring Disruptive Innovations, VG2022 (State Level) Pavagadh, CR, SwarnimSankul – 2, Sector 10, Gandhinagar 27-11-2021 30 Attended the meeting of Stakeholders Interaction, chaired by Ms. Anju Sharma, IAS, Principal Secretary, Labour & Employment Department, Government of Gujarat & Coordinator, Startups: Inspiring Disruptive Innovations, VG2022
5 Presentation of Krishna Centre of Startup and Entrepreneurship KPGU (University Level) KPGU, Vadodara 27-11-2021 35 Meeting and presentation of Krishna Centre of Startup and Entrepreneurship, KPGU, Vadodara with TiE Vadodara President and Charter members for strengthening the Startup Ecosystem and supporting students Startups
6 Runway to Vibrant Gujarat Startup Summit,2022 (University Level) KPGU, Vadodara 05-01-2022 100 Online Startup recognition and appreciation event around the theme Runway to Vibrant Gujarat Startup Summit,2022 and AzadikaAmritMahotsav
7 IPR Awareness Program KPGU , Vadodara 11-02-2022 35 During the session, the two resource persons: Mr. Anshul Verma and Mr. Pratik Hendre were presented their knowledge and guided to the student innovators and faculty members about the Intellectual Property Rights, Patent, Design, Trade Marks, copyrights
8 Application of Drones in Industry KPGU , Vadodara 10-03-2022  150 Online expert mentoring session on “Application of Drones in Industry ” by Mr. SambitParida, CTO, IG Drones
9 GSBTM Authorities interaction  with incubators and STBI, Gujarat Govt.  signed MOU with KPGU.  Microbiology and biotechnology lab, KPGU , Vadodara  29-01-2022 15 GSBTM Authorities interacting with incubatees and discussing Projects during Biotechnology incubator inspection. MOU signing with Savli Technology Buisness incubator for technopreneurship development in KPGU.
10 Makers Fest,organized by Yuvalay Electronics Lab & Vadodara Innovation Council M S University, Baroda 26-02-2022  06 KPGU Alumni Startups “VUEXR” Team of Sanket Kale & Ankit Patel and “” team of Prinkit Patel along with Dr.Prachi Pandey, Dy.Director, Centre Of Startups and Entrepreneurship, KPGU at Makers Fest
11 MOU signing with IG drones for establishment of Drone centre of excellence KPGU , Vadodara 31-01-2022  05 The aim is development of skill in drone technology among students innovators and common people of Gujarat for enhancing Entrepreneurship and employment as a step towards Atmnirbhar Bharat Initiative.
12 Runway to Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit M S University, Baroda 07-01-2022 1 Dr.Prachi Pandey, Dy.Director, Startups and Entrepreneurship ,Drs.Kiran& Pallavi Patel Global University incubation centre is participating in Panel discussion and Reverse Pitch from Incubator to Startups in the auditorium of Virtual startup Showcase under the ” Runway to Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit”
13 Networking meet Surya Palace Hotel, Vadodara 26-02-2022 30 Dr.Prachi Pandey, Dy.Director, Startup and Entrepreneurship, KPGU,Vadodara  as Ecosystem Partner participated in the Networking meet of TiE Vadodara & iHub in conversation with Shri M.Nagarajan, IAS, Honorary Executive Director-iHub, Commissioner-Higher Education, Govt. of Gujarat
14 Startup and Innovation meeting KPGU , Vadodara 26/2/2022  05 Visit of Shri M.Nagarajan, Commissioner,Higher Education,Govt of Gujarat & Director-iHub along with Shri Hiranmaya Mahanta,CEO,iHub at KPGU for Startup and Innovation meeting. Dignitaries being welcomed by the Hon. Provost Dr.Kiran Pandya at KPGU Vadodara
15 Startup demo day organized by iHub and TiE Vadodara Naman Integrated Management Services 22/3/2022 40 Centre of Stratups & Entrepreneurship, KPGU ,Vadodara participated as Ecosystem Partner and Jury at Vadodara startup demo day organized by iHub and TiE Vadodara. Sanket Kale,CS alumni of KPGU has presented well his startup VUEXR in Vadodara
16 Visit at SAC, ISRO, Ahmedabad SAC, ISRO, Ahmedabad 18/04/2022  02 Meeting with Dr. Vivek Pandey, Scientist, SAC,ISRO and Shri N.J Bhatt,Vikram Sarabhai Space application centre for MOU with ISRO for research collaboration and space exhibition at KPGU, Vadodara.
17 Presentation of KPGU for BT Incubator GSBTM ,Gandhinagar 18/04/2022 01 Presentation of KPGU at GSBTM ,Gandhinagar for BT Incubator approval for incentives upto 2.5 CR for assistance to Startups
18 Startup Bootcamp KPGU , Vadodara 16/04/2022 150 Industry commissionerate NI Scheme and efforts to support Startups, Ideation and Pitchdeck Workshop, Mentoring Workshop by Entrepreneurs, Startup India Initiatives and Benefits, Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights, Startup Stalls by women Startups
19 Startup Demoday KPGU , Vadodara 16/04/2022 20 KPGU, Vadodara in association with TiE Vadodara and Industry Commissionerate, Startup Cell, Govt. of Gujarat, conducted Startup Demoday, involving five startups in traction phase and two emerging Startups.